Korean dining – 한식 hansik

Korean food diet is composed of cooked rice mixed with grains, soup, kimchi and side dishes. It is simply because rice doesn’t have its own taste, so Korean people eat rice with various side dishes together. Depending on which side dish you pick, you will taste the rice differently each time.


If you put your side dishes in your bowl and mix them with rice, it becomes Bibimbap. There is no right or wrong recipe for Bibimbap but there is a simple rule to enjoy. You have to mix all when you eat.


Many foreigners visiting Korea are impressed by Bulgogi and we hope you are not an exception. 😉


Japchae would be a perfect dish for a wedding or birthday party. In Korea, it is believed that having long noodle dish is wishing happy and long relationship.

잘 먹겠습니다 !
[jal meok-ge-sseum-ni-da]
It is expressed before eating, which means “I will eat well”.

We hope you enjoy Korean dishes. 😋

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