Special talk with: Chef Moses Yoon

To provide some more insights into Korean dining and Korean foods, two weeks ago, we had a special talk with Chef Moses Yoon. Chef Moses Yoon was born and raised in Korea. He started learning cooking from his high school in Seoul and came to Berlin in 2014.  Currently he is working at Restaurant Facil, … Continue reading Special talk with: Chef Moses Yoon

Korean dining – 한식 hansik

Korean food diet is composed of cooked rice mixed with grains, soup, kimchi and side dishes. It is simply because rice doesn’t have its own taste, so Korean people eat rice with various side dishes together. Depending on which side dish you pick, you will taste the rice differently each time. Bibimbap If you put … Continue reading Korean dining – 한식 hansik

What does kimchi mean to Korean people?

To Koreans, life without kimchi is unthinkable. You may have heard of kimchi, but you maybe don’t know what is means to Koreans. Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean side dish, which is more than just vegetables made with various seasonings. As it demonstrates the identity of a nation, kimchi has become a symbol for … Continue reading What does kimchi mean to Korean people?

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